Undressing Patriarchy: Men and Structural Violence

Edited by: Jerker Edström, Abhijit Das and Chris Dolan

January 2014
Volume 45 Number 1

Much has happened in debates, practice and policy on gender in development since the ‘Men, Masculinities and Development’ IDS Bulletin was published in April 2000. The present issue follows up by drawing contributions from participants at the international symposium ‘Undressing Patriarchy’, which took place in September 2013.

It explores the shifting field of men and masculinities and how often conflicted engagements with the feminist project of redressing gender inequalities might be radicalised through a deeper analysis of patriarchy and our relationship to it, as well as by linking it to other struggles for sexual and human rights, or social justice. The methodology of ‘undressing patriarchy’ focuses on the underlying drivers of gender equality, rather than getting stuck in a generalised fallacy casting all men as patriarchs.

The findings and conclusions of this IDS Bulletin include recommendations for practice, politics and policy, with clear directions flagged for deepening research and debates. There seems to be a growing interest and demand for developing new research on patriarchy and ‘men in power’ across different sectors and settings. More enabling theories of change and conceptual frameworks along with practical methodologies for consciousness-raising and facilitating dialogues all need further development. We hope this IDS Bulletin will trigger new thoughts and contribute significantly to an ongoing conversation.