Male Engagement in Deconstructing Institutional Violence in Kenya

  • Phil Erick Otieno
Volume 45 Number 1
Published: January 21, 2016
As violence is a power issue, there is a need to understand the root causes and the manifestations of power relations in all spheres of life. In this regard, it is important to change norms and attitudes, as well as to influence policy and practice in both public and private institutions. This must be buttressed by appreciation of the variety of contextually explicit pathways to change. By interacting with different communities, the intersection between SGBV, HIV and AIDS become apparent. There are men ready to engage in working towards gender equality but who require a secure and non‐threatening platform to facilitate non‐violent reflections and deliberations on numerous gender issues pertinent to their personal lives, family, work and community. In seeking to create a violence‐free society where females and males are valued equally, there is a need to interrogate the structural violence that impedes the attainment of that goal.
From Issue: Vol. 45 No. 1 (2014) | Undressing Patriarchy: Men and Structural Violence