Asia 2015: Sustaining Growth and Ending Poverty

Edited by: Mark Robinson and John Farrington

May 2006
Volume 37 Number 3

Asia has witnessed an unprecedented period of growth and poverty reduction over the past decade. By 2015 absolute poverty in Asia could be halved and eradicated altogether a decade later. But while there are strong prospects for continued progress these are by no means assured. Asian countries face a number of challenges which could throw growth and poverty reduction off-track (despite emerging global players like China and India). Growth alone cannot eradicate poverty without public action by governments in the region to tackle problems of exclusion, marginalisation and the threat of rising inequality.

This IDS Bulletin brings together ten articles that examine threats to sustained growth and suggest ways in which potential challenges might best be mitigated through conscious policy choice and public action under the leadership of Asian governments. Three common threads underpin the articles: recognition that the solutions and policies for mitigating risk and building on opportunities emanate primarily from the region; and that national governments are the key actors in developing innovative ideas, formulating policies, and raising and deploying resources. Lastly and importantly, potential for developing enduring partnerships (with the private sector, non-governmental organisations, donors and multilateral financial institutions). This IDS Bulletin (and the companion issue of Development Policy Review) highlight a range of ways that intensified cooperation can help to sustain further progress in the coming decade.