Development Aid

May 1968
Volume 1 Number 2

Since the first issue of this Bulletin was published, we have been able to consider reactions to it and to assess the role it should take in communication between the institute and the world in which it works. As a result we have made changes. Various technical changes have been made in the production of the periodical and the layout and presentation have been altered. We shall try to ensure a variety both of topics and and contributors. In this issue we are concentrating upon a genera) theme, that of the utility (or disutility) of development aid.

We have assembled a symposium on this topic, taking as a starting point a review of a book, Gunar Myrdal's Asian Drama, that was discussed by Lord Balogh in the first issue. We are thus continuing and enlarging a debate. So as not to neglect the Institute's own work, we publish in our first section an account of the research project on public administration t raining.

So as not to forget those who have made such work possible, we publish a tribute by Professor David E. Apter to one of our oldest and closest friends, the late Sir Andrew Cohen, to whose efforts the Institute of Development Studies owes an enormous debt and by whose death it was deeply saddened.