The Covid-19 Pandemic as an Opportunity for Leveraging Global South Research and Knowledge

Volume 53 Number 3
Published: July 27, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a wave of uncertainty that created a demand for different kinds of knowledge worldwide, the global South included. The digitalisation of international debates unleashed some barriers to participation and facilitated the integration of global South researchers. This article reflects on the review of global South research projects and information from Southern Voice’s digital knowledge hub. It shows examples and argues that further recognition from external actors of global South research and findings and the possibility of exerting leadership set new precedents for knowledge production and sharing. We conclude that the continuation and encouragement of these trends can help to reduce the knowledge asymmetries between the global North and the global South

From Issue: Vol. 53 No. 3 (2022) | Pandemic Perspectives: Why Different Voices and Views Matter