Systems, Sapiens, and Systemic Change in Markets: The Adopt-Adapt-Expand-Respond Framework

Volume 53 Number 1
Published: February 3, 2022

Systemic change is universally desirable and poorly defined. This article seeks to refine a practitioner-developed framework – Adopt-Adapt-Expand-Respond (AAER) – for conceptualising systemic change, and offers case studies to demonstrate its utility in planning for and measuring such change. To do so, the article firstly seeks to define the nature of a system and the components of change within that system. It also discusses the relevance of behaviour change among both actors and institutions in conceptualising systemic change. Finally, in exploring the utility of AAER throughout the implementation of development interventions, it examines the role of the framework in adaptive management: utilising data on observed changes to alter programme intervention tactics.

From Issue: Vol. 53 No. 1 (2022) | Theory-Based Evaluation of Inclusive Business Programmes