Collective Struggles Against Sexual Harassment: What We Have Learnt About Pathways to Accountability and their Outcomes

Volume 51 Number 2
Published: September 22, 2020

The #MeToo movement that spread across the internet in 2017 sparked a focus on sexual harassment as an issue; this article, however, highlights the grass-roots work that had been happening for years before this collective action against sexual harassment and which has been hidden by the spotlight on a (white) Western perspective. It argues that this focus not only negates the work done in many other countries and localities, but also risks losing what can be learnt from these places, as well as potentially hindering that work by giving it the label of a Western agenda. This IDS Bulletin seeks to pluralise voices, experiences, and insights from the world that offer opportunities for learning.

This introduction uses examples from the articles in this IDS Bulletin to explore the triggers to collective action and the pathways for mobilising for accountability. It concludes by looking at key issues in relation to collective action for countering sexual harassment.

From Issue: Vol. 51 No. 2 (2020) | Collective Action for Accountability on Sexual Harassment: Global Perspectives