Introduction: Overcoming the Constraints to Clean Electricity in Africa

Volume 48 Number 5-6
Published: December 5, 2017
The phenomenon of inadequate power supply in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has been a subject of great interest over the years because of its intractable nature and its importance for development; SSA accommodates about 55 per cent of the more than one billion people without access to electricity globally. Moreover, in many SSA countries, electricity access rates are decreasing because electrification efforts are slower than population growth. In recent years, however, certain SSA countries have demonstrated that with political will and access to appropriate finance, electricity access can be accelerated. The overwhelming calls for clean (green) energy sources into the energy mix cannot be overemphasised. Drawing from different disciplines, this IDS Bulletin provides new perspectives that go beyond the identification of obstacles to renewable energy development in SSA. The contents of these contributions underscore the complexity surrounding the clean electrification challenge in SSA; and demonstrate the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach in the design of interventions.


  • Green Growth
  • Electricity
  • Power
  • Energy
From Issue: Vol. 48 No. 5-6 (2017) | Green Power for Africa: Overcoming the Main Constraints