Commentary on ‘Does Research Reduce Poverty? Assessing the Impacts of Policy Oriented Research in Agriculture’

Volume 41 Number 6
Published: November 1, 2010
While entitlement protection is intrinsically a short?term task, building flexible and effective response mechanisms is a long?term one. So a more comprehensive research agenda is needed – especially in the context of countries/regions characterised by low and varying yields and with limited opportunities for trade with the rest of the world. A case is, therefore, made for prioritisation of agricultural research, a pivotal role for the private sector and expansion of technology. Institutions matter a great deal, as ownership and access rights to natural resources (land, water) can have a significant impact on incentives to adopt sustainable agricultural options.


  • Agriculture
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From Issue: Vol. 41 No. 6 (2010) | People-centred M&E: Aligning Incentives So Agriculture Does More to Reduce Hunger