Defending Communities:

  • Dominic Glover
Volume 30 Number 3
Published: March 4, 2016
Summary Much of the academic literature on globalisation and resistance has tended to focus narrowly on the opposition of states against markets, of Keynesian welfare economics against the neo‐liberal model behind globalisation. This literature obscures the fact that other forms of resistance are emerging at the local level. These developments are largely spontaneous, and insofar as they reflect a political agenda, it is one which is derived from an alternative, Green perspective rather than traditional social democracy. Local currency systems can be seen as one such form of resistance. In this article I consider the environmental credentials of local exchange trading systems (LETS) and assess their potential to build an alternative economic model at the local level. I conclude by discussing some of the obstacles which face LETS development and consider how they may be addressed.
From Issue: Vol. 30 No. 3 (1999) | Globalisation and the Governance of the Environment