Uganda’s National Youth Policy and Job Creation for Youth

Rita Makumbi
Volume 49 Issue 5
Published: 27 November 2018
Abstract: Uganda’s Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) and the consequent Youth Livelihood Fund (YLF) are government programmes established under the National Youth Policy (NYP), designed to support young people to find employment by extending grants and other support to small groups of young entrepreneurs, to help them to start small businesses and thus create employment for other young jobseekers. Drawing on a study involving 177 rural and urban youths, this article discusses the design and implementation of the YLP. It argues that the NYP has fallen short in several respects. In addition to funding, employment generation requires additional support for youth in a range of areas, including awareness-raising about employment opportunities, enhancing vocational and entrepreneurial skills, and providing advice and guidance on starting up small businesses.
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From Issue: Vol 49, No 5 (2018) | Youth Employment and the Private Sector in Africa