Labour Casualisation and Youth Employment in Ghana’s Formal Private Sector

Gertrude Dzifa Torvikey
Volume 49 Issue 5
Published: 27 November 2018
Abstract: This article explores the link between labour casualisation and youth employment in Ghana’s formal private sector. It uses the case of Blue Skies Holdings Ltd, an agro-processing company in Ghana. The article shows the contribution of Blue Skies to youth employment in Ghana. However, changes in the global production of the company’s primary export commodity and local shocks created new challenges for the company. The article explains how local economic realities, global competition, and local shocks impact on the company’s ability to maintain permanent employment for its workers. It recommends that government must design policies to incentivise successful companies to create more jobs but without consigning youth to insecure employment conditions.
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From Issue: Vol 49, No 5 (2018) | Youth Employment and the Private Sector in Africa