Multilevel Governance and Security: Security Sector Reform in the Central African Republic

Niagalé Bagayoko
Volume 43 Issue 4
Published: 22 January 2016
Abstract: This article analyses how the security sector reform (SSR) process in the Central African Republic was defined and implemented between 2008 and 2010, putting emphasis on the interactions between national and international actors. It advocates an approach which consists of expanding the agenda of the traditional multilevel governance approach and which seeks to seize both the top‐down and the bottom‐up dynamics of decision‐making processes. The first objective is to capture the sets of actors and procedures which drove the reform process, and to map out the various levels of government at which decisions are made. Secondly – and more fundamentally – the article aims to capture the intermingling of domestic and international decision‐making processes, which increasingly overlap and interfere with each other in Southern countries.
From Issue: Vol 43, No 4 (2012) | Hybrid Security Orders in Sub-Saharan Africa