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We would like to thank the reviewers of the articles for their extremely valuable comments and suggestions: Pam Baatsen, Evangelia Berdou, Michelle Chakkalackal, Natalia Herbst, Elizabeth Mills, Thea Shahrokh, Kelly Shephard, Patta Scott-Villiers, Erin Stern, Linda Waldman, Stephen Wood. Without their input this IDS Bulletin would not have been possible.

The co-editors gratefully acknowledge financial support from Love Matters.

Love Matters

As collaborators we gratefully acknowledge the financial support from RNW Media for the production of this issue of the IDS Bulletin, as well as contributing the Love Matters staff time of Katie Thompson, Mart Kok, Luke Gilder, Erik Hillen, Benjamin Dalmulder and Lindsay van Clief, and for the funding of research, which Müller et al. is based on.

RNW Media is a media organisation for social change. In parts of the world, where change is hard to achieve because freedom of speech is restricted, we use media to make lives better. Love Matters is a sexual health reproductive and rights programme that uses web, mobile and social media platforms to offer young people information that can help them have a safe and healthy sex life.

The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the official policies of RNW Media, Love Matters or our funders.

Vol. 48 No. 1 January 2017: 'Sex Education in the Digital Era'

DOI: 10.19088/1968-2017.100