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ACAB All Cops Are Bastards

AFAD Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of the Prime Minister's Office

AKP Justice and Development Party

CAPMAS Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics

DAFI Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund

FDI foreign direct investment

FJP Freedom and Justice Party

FSA Free Syrian Army GDP gross domestic product

HDP People's Democratic Party

IDPs internally displaced people

IIE International Institute for Education

INEE Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies

INGOs international non-governmental organisations IS Islamic State

KCK Group of Communities in Kurdistan

KDP Kurdistan Democratic Party

KLM Kurdish Liberation Movement

MB Muslim Brotherhood

NDP National Democratic Party

NFE non-formal education

NGO non-governmental organisation

NLG No Lost Generation

PKK Kurdistan Workers' Party

PUK Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

PYD Democratic Union Party

RAA Rojava Autonomous Administration

SCAF Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

SDF Syrian Democratic Forces

SSI State Security Investigations

TEV-DEM Movement for a Democratic Society

UK United Kingdom UN United Nations

UNDAF United Nations Development Assistance Framework

UNHCR UN High Commissioner for Refugees (The UN Refugee Agency)

UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund US United States

WASH water, sanitation and hygiene

YPG Kurdish People's Protection Units

YPJ Women's Protection Units

YTF Youth Task Force