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We acknowledge the very helpful comments and suggestions of the individuals who peer reviewed the articles in this IDS Bulletin, including: Koffi Assouan, Steve Cumming, Victoria Johnson, Karen Moore, Christie Okali and Shova Thapa Karki.

We also acknowledge the valuable assistance of Hannah Corbett and Carole Smithyes.

Funder acknowledgements


This issue of the IDS Bulletin was produced in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation. The MasterCard Foundation works with visionary organisations to provide greater access to education, skills training and financial services for people living in poverty, primarily in Africa. As one of the largest private foundations, its work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion to create an inclusive and equitable world. Based in Toronto, Canada, its independence was established by MasterCard when the Foundation was created in 2006. For more information and to sign up for the Foundation's newsletter, please visit www.mastercardfdn.org. Follow the Foundation at @MastercardFdn on Twitter.

Vol. 48 No. 3 May 2017: 'Africa's Youth Employment Challenge: New Perspectives'

DOI: 10.19088/1968-2017.12